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Tulamben U.S.A.T. Liberty Drop Off Coral Garden, Dive Batu Kelebit

Tulamben Bay benefits greatly from its locaction on the northeast shore of Bali as it receives very plankton-rich waters from the major ocean current that moves between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Although the plankton can drop the visibility here, it also provides vast amounts of food that is responsible for the tremendous quantity and diversity of fish in the area.



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Bali Tulamben beach is strewn with black volcanic rocks that give way to black sand in the shallows. This black sand provides a dramatic contrast for the colors of the corals, nudibranchs , fish and other marine life. This is a great site for macro-photography .

Bali Tulamben is a superb place to complete any of the PADI Dive Course , PADI Diving Training or just Bali Scuba Diving , as the gentle slopes, generally good visibility and variety of sites makes it ideally suited to making those first few dives. A wide variety of sites and conditions also make it great for PADI Advanced and PADI Specialty Training Dives .

Bali Tulamben hosts basically 4 dive sites: The Tulamben Wreck of the USAT Liberty , Coral Gardens , the Drop Off and Batu Kelebit . Each site is unique in its topography and fish life, all helping to make Tulamben the most popular diving area in Bali. If you want to be somewhat alone on your dives, best stay overnight and get in the water before the groups arrive from the South.

Bali Tulamben has four main dive sites, however a combination of these offer a never-ending opportunity to discover new " cleaning stations " or rarely seen nudibranches or even bigger fish like the Oceanic Sunfish Mola Mola .

Tulamben Wreck

Tulamben Wreck is directly situated near the beach on Bali 's northeast coast. The 120m long wreck rests on a 90 degree angle with the deck facing the sea side.

You may ScubaDive or snorkel Liberty wreck comfortably, accessing it directly from the beach.


The U.S.A.T. Liberty was built in America as a cargo ship and during World War 2 was equipped with two guns. Anchored off the coast of Lombok , the ship was hit by a Japanese torpedo during World War II. Miraculously nobody got hurt, but the damage turned the ship into a non-functioning and useless hull. The American Navy's plan to tow the ship to Singaraja harbor (north Bali ) failed as the harbor was completely occupied, so the ship was intentionally stranded on the rocky beach of Tulamben , where it was unloaded. In 1963 the volcano Agung erupted and the magma flow pressed the ship back into the sea where it presently rests at a depth of 3 to 29 meters. Since then, coral covered the wreckage completely and turned it into a home for many species of fish. From time to time, reef sharks, big Napoleon Wrasse or huge barracuda drops by.

Tulamben Wreck at a glance

Reef characteristics : wreck
Visibility : 15-30 m
Current : none to moderate
Coral growth :

Wreck is completely covered by stone- and soft


Marine life : vast schools of fish (fusiliers and surgeon fish)
Highlight : the wreck is easy to dive even suitable for discover scuba diving

Tulamben Drop Off

Tulamben Drop Off starts at a depth of 3 m to then drop straight to 40 m. Besides amazing coral growth this reef also features an unbelievable landscape sculpted by many overhanging rocks. The presence of smaller reef fish is abundant, with angel fish being the species worth mentioning. Besides emperor angel fish, yellow-faced angelfish and blue-banded angel fish can be found with the duke fish rounding out the selection as a member of the angel fish family. Quite often, huge schools of jack fish pass the wall, darkening the sun. Although it is a wall, this dive site is also suitable for snorkeling.

Tulamben Drop Off at a glance

Reef characteristics : drop off
Visibility : 15-30 m
Current : none to moderate
Coral growth : many hard and soft coral
Marine life : many species of reef fish, specially angelfish
Highlight : easy to dive, also to be dived in the open water course

Tulamben Coral Garden

The Tulamben Coral Garden is only about a few meters in front of our dive base. Tulamben Coral Garden starts at a depth of 2-15 m and is wonderfully grown featuring stone- and soft coral alike. Besides numerous species of reef fish, the beautiful blue-yellow ribbon eel and leaf scorpionfish have found a home here. This dive site is also a superb snorkelling spot with none to moderate current.

Blacktip reef sharks are mostly around. The sandy slope is a extraordinary site for UW photographer, while almost any kind of macro creatures can be spotted there. Different nudibranches, ghost pipefish, or even pigmy seahorse are the reward for the patient divers!

The place is excellent for night dives ; Spanish dancers are seen on almost every dive!

Tulamben Coral Garden at a glance

Reef characteristics : shallow, from 15m gently sloping down
Visibility : 15-25 m
Current : none to moderate
Coral growth : many hard and soft corals
Marine life :

many species of reef fish, tiny crabs and Nudibranches

Highlight : excellent spot for night dive, and for beginners

Tulamben Batu Kelebit

Batu Kelebit is 10 minutes away from Tulamben Liberty Wreck taking a local fisherman's' boat.

The site offers excellent visibility, and possibility to spot whitetip reef sharks. Also the coral is untouched, and offers numerous encounters with small and large fish. Bumphead parrotfish are common here.

Tulamben Batu Kelebit at a glance

Reef characteristics : deep, slope down to 60-70ms
Visibility : 25-35 m
Current : usually presented, sometimes moderate
Coral growth : many hard and soft corals
Marine life : many species of reef fish
Highlight : bumpheads, and whitetip reef shark

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