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Secret Bay(Gilimanuk Bay) is located in the West Bali National Park, about 20 minutes from Menjangan and near the dock for ferries that run between Bali and Java. It is situated off the narrow Bali Strait, where currents can reach 7 knots, and is thus a haven and refuge for many larval fish that are swept into it. The shallow waters here make it an ideal place for these smaller fish, as the large fish can have a difficult time of it here.

The bay exchanges water with the Bali Strait during tidal changes, and the temperature of the water here can be a bit low, so come with a cozy wet suit.

By far the best time to dive is on the incoming tide or around high tide. New water entering the bay at these times can increase the visibility greatly, aiding in macro-photography. If you can catch a high tide between 10 am and 2 pm, you'll have great water clarity AND plentiful sunlight to help with colors.

This really is an incredible dive site for those divers looking for such an experience. Divers who want to see large fish, sharks, etc. may be disappointed, but for those divers who revel in sightings of nudibranchs, juvenile bat fish, gobies, sea horses, pipe fish and such will be absolutely delighted.


LOCATION Northwest area of Bali about 3 hours from Kuta/Sanur
TYPE OF DIVES Shore and boat, muck diving, good for macro-photography
VISIBILITY Typically below 10 meters but upwards of 30 meters at high tide
DEPTHS 2 to 10 meters
CURRENT Moderate to none.
SUITABILITY Easy dive for anyone. Particularly good for macro-photography.
CONDITIONS A shallow dive site with no rich coral growth but a few weed and coral beds. The visibility can be low and the water can be cold. Dark sand bottom provides good contrast for photography.
HIGHLIGHTS Rare and exotic marine species. Lots of juveniles which are often more interesting that mature fish.

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