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There exist fundamentally two aspects of effective learning which are of equal importance and which should be balanced. The first of these is teaching methodology which can all be mastered by anyone with the desire to do so and can be used advantageously in the learning process.
The second of the two aspects, and the one on which I will focus in this essay, is the criticality of the learning environment. The ability of the teacher to provide a positive and nurturing environment is enhanced by certain inherent qualities, some of which are awareness, empathy, creativeness and genuine caring for the student's heart.
I firmly believe that long term, persistent effort to learn comes from the heart and not the head. To win the hearts of the students, a teacher should first promote a climate of caring and trust. Since success breeds success, early success is foundational. Providing challenging yet achievable goals, aided by consistent positive reinforcement and support are methods the effective educator uses to ensure early, and therefore, continued success.

Our combination of International Course Directors and Instructor Trainers will ensure that you have the most up to date knowledge and resources available to you. Through out the period of your Instructor Training, the staff will provide you with all the support that you need to fulfil the curriculum and prepare for the IE.


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